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Test Tubes

           State Certified Drinking Water Lab

Mat-Su Test Lab (MSTL) is the largest water testing laboratory in the Mat-Su Valley with a reputation for reasonable pricing and exceptional service. Many of our tests are performed on-site, allowing us to offer testing at a more economical rate with a faster turn-around time than other labs.

Microbiological Testing

·         Basic Presence/Absence for Coliform and E. coli

·         Quanti-Tray for Enumeration of Coliform and E. coli

·         Simplates for Pools and Spas

·         Waterborne Pathogen Testing

Chemistry Testing

·        Arsenic (III & V), Lead, Copper, Iron, and Manganese

·         Bromide, Chloride, Fluoride, Nitrate, Nitrite, Phosphate, and Sulfate

·         Testing for the installation and functionality of filtration systems

State Certifications

Colilert 9223B


Hach 10206

EPA Method 300.1 (Nitrate and Nitrite Only)

Field Collections

·         One-time collections by our trained field collectors are available.

·         Public water systems that require routine sampling can sign up to have their sampling managed by MSTL.

Our Mission

Ensuring that you have safe and palatable drinking water is of paramount importance to your health!


Mat-Su Test Lab provides water quality testing for your peace of mind.


We are not associated with water treatment companies, nor do we sell water treatment systems, so you never have to worry about a conflict of interest on our part! After we help you interpret your water quality test results, we'll be happy to refer you to knowledgable businesses in the Mat-Su Valley, should you need assistance with determining your water treatment needs.

Price List for Homeowners

Many of our most requested tests and their costs are listed below, but we offer additional testing based on your specific needs. It's our goal to provide you with personalized service and quality results at a price that you can afford!

Our Lab

Laboratory Services

  • Bacteriological

  • Chemical

  • Pool and Spa Testing

  • Wastewater Testing

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